Thursday, 23 November 2017


  It’s amazing how much difference a little smile can make. It’s one of the most positive expressions we as humans know how to exhibit. Smile have a way of making the world beautiful, It also communicates happiness peace and acceptance.
  I try to make an effort to smile at everyone I come across during the day. It not only makes the other person feel happy and acknowledged, it also brightens up their day and

  Use your smile to change the world.

Friday, 20 October 2017

  Perhaps, the most popular gift all over the world is the gift of Flowers. Beyond its beauty of flowers passes across a message of love when gifted, whether it is a carefully chosen bouquet of flowers or just a stem, it is sure to convey a warm feeling to the recipient. Flowers can boost a person's mood, put a smile on their face or even make them cry with joy of your thoughtfulness. 

 Its not only because flowers are exquisitely beautiful or fragrance, it is also because they carry the freshness of nature and the world outside with them. The main reason for the popularity of flowers as gifts though is their ability to bring good cheer and convey the right message with their language and the message they pass across. 

Flowers appeal to all our senses and brighten up our lives and our hearts, they not only express the exact sentiment, but also gifting a different type or color of flower would convey a different emotion, which one might find difficult to express in words. You only have to let your imagination run wild to make your bouquet as expressive as your emotions.

 Gifting flowers maybe mainly to make the recipient feel good, but it also creates this tingling feeling of inner joy oftenly as a result of the bright reactions we get from the recipient. It`s  a thing  I`ve expirienced; FELT really good. You should try gifting a flower soonest to your loved ones and see their reactions.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

 More than just crunchy and sweet taste these has a lot of usefulness

 Here are some benefits of taking them
Oral benefit: Contain oleric acid, shown to help lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure, good source of potassium, helps inhabit prostate cancer growth.
Topical benefit: Excellent lubricant for deep-seated dry skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, ideal for sensitive skin, a rich source of vitamin A, B1, B2, and E, also a good source of iron, potassium, niacin, lecithin, and pantothenic acid.

Oral benefits: Soothes sore throats and stops oral bacteria, also serves as internal lubricant.
Topical benefit: It's antimicrobial properties helps heal wounds and skin ulcer, it also helps promote healthy tissue and relieves inflammation.

Oral benefit: Soothes and calms skin, can have an antidepressant effect. 
Topical benefit: Soothes itchy, irritated, and dry, great in bath

Oral benefit: Flavonoids in chocolate helps prevent heat diseases and cancer, lower blood pressure and provide high levels of antioxidants. 
Topical benefit: Excellent moisturizer easily absorbed into the skin, high mineral content, soothes irritated skin and promotes feeling of calm and relaxation.

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Saturday, 16 September 2017

  Do you know that coffee drinking plays an important part in a healthy life style combining pleasure with healthy benefits?
  Do you know what is special about coffee?

  Coffee is a populate and delicious beverage that has been enjoyed for centuries by people all over the world. NESCAFE is the number one coffee in the whole world. Over 3,900 cups of  NESCAFE are drunk every second in more than 120 countries including Nigeria. Thanks to it's convenience,  NESCAFE can be enjoyed in particularly and setting of home, at work, outdoor and at any time of the day.

  PSYCHOLOGICAL BENEFITS(and contributed to general well being)
•Increased alertness, stimulation of mental performance:
Coffee consumption is associated with an increase in alertness and stimulation of mental performance. This is due to the increase in the speed of the information processing within the brain, and the improvement of reaction times. This is particularly important for commercial drivers, pilots and air traffic controllers, doctors, nurses, and others who have to work at night where drowsiness (especially during the early hours of the morning) can lead to serious accident.

•Wakes you up:

For the same reasons, a cup of coffee at breakfast time is an ideal way to start the day; and another after lunch will help to improve alertness and attention, and prevent the 'post-lunch dip' in concentration.

•Promotes sociability:

Coffee lends itself perfectly to any social occasion be it a short coffee because it is easy and quick to prepare. The convenience of soluble coffee means that you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at anytime of the day, with the minimum of fuss.

•Supports body-fluid intake requirements:
Healthy adults undress normal condition needs about 2.5 litres of water daily to restore cellular and body fluids, for the transport of nutrients, to enable the digestive system to function, and to excrete bodily wastes. A cup of coffee at mealtime, and adequate fluid intake, which is essential for good health.

•Supports weight watch:

If you are watching your weight, you can make an excellent low-calorie beverage by drinking you cup of coffee without access milk or cream (or perhaps with a little skimmed milk), using non-calorie sweetener of desired. In addition, researchers have shown that coffee consumption stimulates energy expenditures increasing the breakdown of fat so that scientists recommended coffee drinking as part of weight-loss programmes.

•Supports protein/mineral intake requirements:
Coffee contain some amount of vitamins(vitamin E, Niacin our Vitamin B3) and minerals(potassium, magnesium and manganese).  And when coffee is prepared with milk and sugar, it will contribute to your daily protein and energy needs.

•Aids digestion, reduced risk of cirrhosis of liver:
Coffee aids digestion today is why it is a perfect end to a good meal.

•Diminishes risk of liver diseases:
Studies in the United States, Europe and Japan, have shown that coffee drinking substantially reduces the risk of cirrhosis of the liver caused by over consumption of alcohol.

•Reduces risk of colon cancer:

Extensive researchers by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (a world have shown that coffee drinkers have a reduced risk of colon cancer.

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

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  Making new people you meet have a different mind set of you from who you really are might be that easy to pull off being that they have no idea of who you were, I grew up in a neighbourhood with alot of crazy friends which definitely made me behave the same way, growing up, I began to feel different,
  I decided to take a few steps and work on my first impression, may be that could help with the way the new people I met feel about me. I didn't exactly want to totally change from who I was to a different person, I'd never advice you to do that, just try and work on you being more inviting and also in a way that gives a clearer picture about your good qualities.

 I've come up with 4 ideas that worked for me and think would also do for you. These are simple approaches, it's just about making an effort to try them when you meet new people

 It's quite obvious and well known that smile is a measure of attraction, I for the record I'm quite found of smiling when having a conversation and try a lot to make jokes, though not that much so you wouldn't be thought as a humorous person. While smiling is important, you probably don't want to have a cheesy and inauthentic grin all over your face, cus it may risk them thinking "Is he trying to cover up his nervousness or something", this is why you also need to keep a straight face half of the way. Smiling doesn't only make people comfortable around you, it also goes a long way to make people think of you as a nice person. 

   The eye shot 
  Making eye contact is one of my thing during a conversation cus this actually goes a long way in getting people interested in what you have to say. 
  I'd also tell you that it's a great idea not to over do it, give it a break, no one enjoys eye contact for long, at least not from a stranger, you don't want to risk them getting nervous or avoiding your eye contact. Looking away too much also makes you appear distracted, keep your shot on the average. 

   Be present
  When meeting someone new, you’re in an unusual situation, and your mind is racing faster than ever: "do i look odd? what is she/he thinking about me? Am I sounding good enough? What do I say next?" Quit it. Silence those voices. Mind race cuts off your attention and at the end you'd have just had a shot and unproductive meet. Slow it, take a breath. 
  When meeting for the first time, I always aim at retaining some piece of information about them to be able to meet them again, ask only relevant questions-questions you know the answers would help you meet them another time. 
  Your full attentiveness will create a level of comfort. “The better you make the other person feel, the more they’ll be inclined to have a positive impression of you”.

   Make a connection
  When I met someone new, I try to inquire a few things about them and relate it to my self, like have you read a recent book? Or watch a recent movie?. This doesn't only help in generating comfort, it also helps you get something to talk about. Remember to be positive, trust me, they don't want to hear about how your dog died, or your pocket that was picked. 
  Your upbeat attitude and positivity will make for a great first impression.

  With these few tips, you'd be on and going with new friends. Please comment and also let me know what else we should add to this. 

Friday, 18 August 2017

Sleep makes you feel better, but its benefits goes far beyond just banishing under-eye circles. The amount of sleep you get a night invest a lot in your day to come.

Here are benefits of getting a good amount of sleep:

1. Sleep improves your memory:
Researchers have found out that sleep play am important role in the process called memory consolidation. During sleep your body may be resting, but you brain is busy processing your day, making connections between events, sensory inputs, feelings and memory. A good sleep is a very important time for your brain to make memories and links, and getting more quality sleep will help you remember and process things better.
 In other words if you’re trying to learn something new—whether  it's a new language or a new tennis swing—you’ll perform better after sleeping.

2. Adequate sleep prevents obesity:
 Poor sleep is strongly linked toweight gain. People with short sleep duration tend to weigh significantly more than those who get adequate amount of sleep. In fact, short sleep duration is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity.
 If you are trying to lose weight, getting quality sleep is absolutely crucial.
 Watching your weight can be as simple as getting a good night's sleep. Lack of sleep can make you put on weight by drastically slowing your metabolism down.
 Researchers suggested getting plenty of sleep might prevent weight gain.

3. A good sleep reduces stress:
When it comes to our health stress and sleep are nearly one and the same—and both can affect cardiovascular health. If you're body lacks adequate amount of sleep, it goes into a state of stress. Stress puts the body system on high alert which causes high blood pressure and the production of stress hormones. High blood pressure increases your risk of heart attack and stroke, stress hormones makes it harder to fall asleep.   Sleep can definitely reduce levels of stress, and with that people can have better control of their blood pressure.
More relaxation techniques should also be observed to counteract the effect of stress.

4. Good Sleep Can Maximize Athletic Performance: 
Sleep has been shown to enhance athletic performance. In a study on basket ball players, longer sleep was shown to significantly improve speed, accuracy, reaction times, and mental wellbeing.
 Less sleep duration has also been associated with poor exercise performance and functional limitation in elderly women. A study from researchers found that poor sleep was linked to slower walking, lower grip strength, and difficulty in performing independent activities.

5. Reduces depression:
Mental health issues, such as depression, are strongly linked to poor sleep quality and sleeping disorders.
  Sleeping brings about many of the chemicals in your body, including serototin. People with setototin deficiency are more likely to suffer from depression.
  You can help to prevent depression by getting the right amount of sleep of about 7 to 9 hours a day. A good night’s sleep can really help a moody person decrease their anxiety. You get more emotional stability with good sleep.

6. Reduced heart attacks and stroke:
Sleep quality and duration can have a major effect on the risk of drive chronic diseases, including heart disease.
Heart diseases and stroke are most likely to occur in the morning hours, which is oftenly due to the way sleep interacts with the blood vessels. Lack of sleep has been associated with worsening of blood pressure and cholesterol, which are risks factors for heart disease and stroke. Your health will remain healthy if you get sleep good between 7 to 9 hours a day.

7. Longer livespan:
Sleep also affects quality of life. Regularly sleeping less than you should is associated with a shorter lifespan, although it is not clear whether little sleep is the cause, or an effect of other illnesses.(illness also affects sleeping pattern) Studies have found people who routinely sleep for fewer than 6 hours a night have a higher risk of dying sooner than people of a similar age who sleep between 7 to 9 hours a night.

8. Reduces risk of inflammatory:
Increased stress hormone caused by lack of sleep raises the level of inflammation in your body. Inflammation is linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and premature aging risking bad health condition like cancer and diebetes.
Inflammation is thought to make the body deteriorate as we age. This can be curbed by getting a good amount of sleep.

9. Sleep helps the body repair itself:
Sleep is a time to relax, but it's also a time during which the body is at work repairing damages caused by stress, ultraviolet rays and other harmful exposure. Your body cells produce more protein when you are asleep. These protein produced are in charge for forming the body blocks for cells, showing them to repair damages.

10. Good sleep improves you immune function:

Even a small loss of sleep has been shown to impair immune function, lack of sleep can suppress your immune system, which makes you more vulnerable to infections.
On a large 2 weeks study observed the development of the common cold after giving people nasal drops with the virus that causes colds.They found that those who slept less than 7 hours were almost three times more likely to develop a cold than those who slept 7 hours or more.
  "Night time isn't the only time to shut your eyes. Napping during the day is an effective, refreshing alternative to caffeine that is good for your overall health and can help you to be more productive. A study of some Greek adult showed that people who took nap at work sore much lower level of stress. Napping also improves your mood."

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

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1. Bath Oil:
Add a little grounded and dried orange peel or if possible its oil for stimulating the skin. This is an effective way to use orange peel for skin.

2. Freshen Air:
Boil handful of dried orange peels, cinnamon and cardamom in water. This will freshen up your mood and air in the house. You will simply love the tangy smell. They can even be rubbed on florescent lights for air freshening. This is one of the many orange peel uses.

3. Eat It:
There are number of ways of consuming orange peel to add flavour to your food. You can add it as zest, boil for garnish, etc. Try searching for its recipes on internet.

4. Orange Peel For Face:
Orange Peel is considered as a boon for face and skin care as it cures blackheads, dead cells, acne, pores, blemishes, dark circles, dry skin, and brightens your face. It can also be applied with milk or curd for extra glow or for removing tan.  Also rub your nails with its peel for shine.

5. Mosquito Repellent:
Orange Peel is effective against mosquitoes. Apply this before leaving outside to prevent mosquito bites.

6. Hair:
Mix grinded Orange Peel with water and leave it overnight. Apply this onto the hair to get rid of dandruff. This also helps to condition and cleanse.

7. Digestion:
Orange Peel is very helpful in reducing chances of constipation. It also helps in reducing gas, heartburn and vomiting. It will also help in proper liver functioning

8. Asthma:
Orange peel helps remove phlegm and hence cures asthma.

9. Tea:
There are also orange tea flavours available in market, which has many medicinal purposes.

10. Blood Pressure:
Orange peel also helps in healthy blood circulation which inturn regulates your blood pressure and thus keeps your heart healthy. This method has been widely followed in China for thousands of years.

11. Headache:
Orange peel is also used as aroma therapy. It can treat headache, anxiety, and depression.

12.  Bad Breath:
Suffering from bad breath? Chew an orange peel rather than a gum or a mouth freshener to cure bad breath.

13. Weight Loss:
Orange peels are high in fiber content which helps weight loss. Try including in your diet with tea or zest.

14. Cure Hangover:
Mix orange peel and salt in boiling water for 20 mins. Drink it once it cools to reduce hangover.

 Some Important Tips:

1. Always wash, clean and dry the orange peels.

2. Orange peels can also be used when dried.

3. Never store unpeeled oranges for long. Use them immediately after peeling.

4. Never store Orange Peel in refrigerators.

5. Always store orange peels in cool and dry places and keep them away from dust.

6. Choose orange with thin skin.